10 Things You Should NEVER Pay For #free #savemoney

Trim the fat this year (pun intended) and stop spending money on these useless items!

Travel-sized products

  1. Hair cuts for guys – Do it yourself.  It’s not hard.
  2. Soda -Its not healthy for you anyway.
  3. Bottled Water – Buy a few good BPA free water bottles and carry them with you.  There’s no need to keep paying for them… the plastic is bad for the environment and leaks chemicals in your body with frequent use.
  4. Housecleaning, yard work, small home maintenance jobs – Again, do it yourself. It’s not hard. You can ask a neighbor for a favor, have kids and/or other family members help you, etc. Give a little, get a little.
  5. ATM fees – If you think you’ll need cash, bring cash. Plan ahead.
  6. Gym memberships that you’re not using – Pretty obvious here. Use it or stop paying for it.
  7. Travel-sized products – Why pay more money for less product? Just because it looks cute in a small bottle? Buy some empty travel bottles if you’re going away, and fill them up using products you already have.
  8. Movies (on DVD, Bluray, or electronic copies) – Most people don’t watch movies more than once or twice. Stop buying them. Rent them. You’ve got Netflix right?
  9. Toothbrushes – The dentist gives them away for free! Not to mention, there are always coupons for toothbrushes… combine that with price matching, you’ve got a free toothbrush.
  10. Interest on credit cards -Use all the money saving tricks listed on this site, use the extra money to pay off those cards, and STOP paying interest!

Got anything to add? Please comment and let me know. Thanks.

-Courtsey of markandlaureng.com 

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