Save Money by Downsizing Your Closet


People downsize for any number of reasons. One reason to downsize is to save money. People ask, “How can getting rid of my clothes save me money”? Well, when you downsize your wardrobe, for example, it forces you to take a good look at the clothes you currently wear, what you don’t wear, and why. Once you get the root of it, you realize that you don’t actually need more clothes; because chances are, you aren’t going to wear them anyway, thus the money saving comes into play. Simplifying your closet forces you to pick a style and go with it which will keep you from impulsively buying a new top at Target which means more money saving.

Here are some steps to help you downsize your closet and save money!

1. Admit that you have a problem- You don’t need those shoes, that top, etc. If you’re like me, chances are you bought it for one event or just to cheer yourself up.

2. Just One-  You only really need one swimming suit, one purse, one black dress. Decide which one of each category you like the most, and get rid of the rest! This will stop you from buying more and help you save money.

3. Pick your colors- We all know what color(s) look best on us. Those are the clothes we tend to wear most often anyway. By picking a few colors in your wardrobe, you’re able to reduce the number of accessories you need, shoes, belts, etc. to go with each outfit which saves a ton of money.

4. Limit yourself- Allow yourself a certain amount of money each month (if any) to spend on clothing items. Stick to your limit! Don’t break the bank.

5. Look for quality- Buy one high quality (probably higher cost) outfit as opposed to 3-4 cheap outfits because the high quality outfit will last much longer saving you money in the long run.

Sell/donate/upcycle- Once you’ve decided to get rid of an item, put it into one of these three categories. Get creative. Turn that old throw-away top into something fabulous!

If you’ve got more tips and tricks to downsize a wardrobe, comment below!




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