Simple Money Saving Tips #savemoney

It often feels like you save $1 here and a $1 there, but you’d be surprised how quickly your savings can add up! Below are simple ways to save that add up over time.

1. Cook at home (see Mimi’s Cheap Meals section for more info)

2. Shop for fresh food! Using fruits, vegetables, and dairy in your cooking makes your meals healthier and can make them less expensive.

3. Use the food you buy! This means packing a lunch for work and packing snacks before an outing or going to the gym. This [prevents you from spending more money on food!

4. Take the time to ‘keep up’ your possessions. This means taking the time to do car maintenance, virus scans on your computer, etc. By taking time to “maintain”, you reduce the likelihood of having to pay big bucks for future repairs.

5. Unplug your appliances. Saves money on electricity. Turn down the water heater. Enough said.


Happy Saving!




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