10 more ways to save money at the grocery store #savemoney #shopping

1. You MUST be Prepared!! Plan your weekly meals in advance. Know exactly what ingredients you need and compare/contrast that information with what is on sale, what you have coupons for, and what you can price match.

2. Make a grocery list! It’s essential that you get everything you need in this one trip. If you end up going back, you run the risk of spending more money and blowing your grocery budget. Also, write down what is on sale, couponed, price matched, etc. so savings doesn’t go uncollected.

3. If it’s on sale, stock up! Especially if it’s something you get every week.

4. If you have a coupon for an item, buy only what you need. Grocery stores want you to spend money. Don’t go crazy buying 10 of something you don’t need just because you think you’ll save more money.

8. Be willing to get the store brand products. Let’s face it, most of them taste the same anyway.

9. Try new products. If something is nearly free with coupons, price matches, sales, etc. don’t be afraid to try it. You may end up loving it!

10. If it’s on sale, buy it and freeze it! 


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