The Top 3 Best Apps to Help You Save Money

Saving money is hard work. It’s hard to make money, but that’s just half the battle. The hardest part about money is keeping it. I’ve got a few apps to that will make saving money a little easier!

  1. Daily Budget: I talked about this in a previous post, but this app is free and only takes a minute to create a budget for you. The first thing you do is download it here. The app will prompt you to put in your monthly income, monthly expenses, and how much money you want to save. Once you’ve done that, the app gives you a daily allowance to spend keeping you within your budget and your money saved. At the end of the month, you review how much you spent and how much you saved based on the percentage you chose.
  2. Digit: I recently fell in love with Digit. You connect this free app to your checking account (app guarantees security). The app uses an algorithm based on how much you spend, how much you earn, etc. and takes out small amounts every couple of days. Digit saves your money until you’re ready to transfer it back in. The best part about the app is that the amounts are usually so small, you don’t even notice they’re gone. It saves me around $30 each month! Click here to download Digit.
  3. Acorns: Acorns is essentially the same as Digit; except it invests your money in different stocks! It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the stock market. Acorns asks a few questions and places you in the portfolio that matches your interests best. There’s also a $5 friend referral bonus! Download Acorns here.

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