Save Money by Downsizing Your Closet


People downsize for any number of reasons. One reason to downsize is to save money. People ask, “How can getting rid of my clothes save me money”? Well, when you downsize your wardrobe, for example, it forces you to take a good look at the clothes you currently wear, what you don’t wear, and why. Once you get the root of it, you realize that you don’t actually need more clothes; because chances are, you aren’t going to wear them anyway, thus the money saving comes into play. Simplifying your closet forces you to pick a style and go with it which will keep you from impulsively buying a new top at Target which means more money saving.

Here are some steps to help you downsize your closet and save money!

1. Admit that you have a problem- You don’t need those shoes, that top, etc. If you’re like me, chances are you bought it for one event or just to cheer yourself up.

2. Just One-  You only really need one swimming suit, one purse, one black dress. Decide which one of each category you like the most, and get rid of the rest! This will stop you from buying more and help you save money.

3. Pick your colors- We all know what color(s) look best on us. Those are the clothes we tend to wear most often anyway. By picking a few colors in your wardrobe, you’re able to reduce the number of accessories you need, shoes, belts, etc. to go with each outfit which saves a ton of money.

4. Limit yourself- Allow yourself a certain amount of money each month (if any) to spend on clothing items. Stick to your limit! Don’t break the bank.

5. Look for quality- Buy one high quality (probably higher cost) outfit as opposed to 3-4 cheap outfits because the high quality outfit will last much longer saving you money in the long run.

Sell/donate/upcycle- Once you’ve decided to get rid of an item, put it into one of these three categories. Get creative. Turn that old throw-away top into something fabulous!

If you’ve got more tips and tricks to downsize a wardrobe, comment below!




3 Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream- Healthier and Cheaper than Regular Ice Cream


3 Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream- Healthier and Cheaper than Regular Ice Cream

Summertime means ice cream time. Don’t break your diet, don’t break the bank. Instead, try this 3 Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream. It’s guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and save you money.

Serves 1

1 frozen banana

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

1/4 cup almond milk (more or less depending on preference)

Put all ingredients into the food processor, blend, and enjoy!

Top 10 Flat Belly Foods

We all want abs. We all know abs are made in the kitchen. In case you didn’t already know, calories aren’t created equally. There are certain high calories foods that are better for you than low calorie foods. When you’re meal planning/prepping, you have to consider overall nutritional value; not just calorie count.

Top 10 Flat Belly Foods:

  1. Almonds- High in fatty acids, so they help you burn fat and fight hunger.
  2. Asparagus- Has both soluble and insoluble fiber which keeps you feeling full for longer. Asparagus is also a natural diuretic.
  3. Avocado- Coats your stomach for better digestion.
  4. Bananas- Have resistant starch in them which increases your metabolism.
  5. Chili Peppers- Spicy foods increase your metabolism!
  6. Cucumbers- Contains antioxidants and prevents bloating.
  7. Dark Chocolate- Like with avocado and almonds, the fatty acids in dark chocolate help to boost your metabolism.
  8. Green Tea- Contains antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation, burn fat, and increase energy.
  9. Whole Grains- High in fiber which helps your digestion and keeps you feeling full for longer.
  10. Yogurt- The probiotics in yogurt help with digestion and keep you from bloating and keeps you feeling full because it’s high in protein.
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10 Ways to Make Extra Money That You Might Not Have Thought Of…


We are all looking for ways to make extra money. Unfortunately, we live in a world where everything cost money, it’s hard to get money, it’s hard to save money.

I’ve got 10 Ways to Make Extra Money That You Might Not Have Thought Of… and a few you might have but have been too afraid to try.

  1. Rent it out- Did you know, there are people who are willing to rent your car, your tools, even your garage? Get connected with a company called Zilok. You list what you’d like to rent out and they put it up for potential renters. You decide on an agreed amount of time and then Zilok gets you paid extra money!
  2. Share your opinion- There are companies out there just waiting to hear what you have to say. You may be interested in doing surveys, or joining focus groups to earn extra money. The work isn’t always consistent or based on money; some survey companies pay you in gift cards and things of that nature. For a list of focus groups in your area go to
  3. Consult- Are you skilled in a certain area? Have a business or finance background? Why not start freelance consulting to earn extra money? A company called HourlyNerd will connect you with companies of all sizes to offer consulting.
  4. Sales- You may  not be a salesman, or want to be, but joining multi-level marketing companies can actually make you money; you just have to do it right. Companies like Avon, Beachbody, and Usborne books will give you free or product discounts AND commission just for joining their team. You don’t need to be “salesy”, you just need to use the products and be willing to share your experience with other people in person and/or on social media. It’s a great way for stay at home moms, college students, retired people, etc. to earn extra money.
  5. Affiliate Marketing- See previous post about how to earn extra money with affiliate marketing.
  6. Drive- Heard of Uber? Lyft? It’s easy to become a driver for these companies. You get to set your own hours and who/where you want to pick up. Some Lyft drivers average $35 an hour. You could be earning extra money on your way to and from work and on lunch breaks.
  7. Be an Online Juror- Did you know that law firms will post cases (that haven’t made it to court) online for juries? They do this to get a feel for how the “common person” might react. Check out  Online Verdict for more information on how to make extra money as an online juror.
  8. Mystery Shopping- I know I know, there are a lot of scams out there. It’s something to be on guard for, but there’s an app for that. iSecretShop is a secret shopper app that will make mystery shopping an easy, safe way to make extra money.
  9. Run Errands- TaskRabbit is a company that connects taskers with people who need tasks done. You simply sign up, chose the task, complete it, and get paid. Definitely something I’m willing to try. It would be amazing to be paid to shop!
  10. Ask!- Don’t be afraid to ask for that raise, ask for bonuses, incentives, more PTO, etc. If you’re a good, hard worker, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for the things you want!



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The Top 3 Best Apps to Help You Save Money

Saving money is hard work. It’s hard to make money, but that’s just half the battle. The hardest part about money is keeping it. I’ve got a few apps to that will make saving money a little easier!

  1. Daily Budget: I talked about this in a previous post, but this app is free and only takes a minute to create a budget for you. The first thing you do is download it here. The app will prompt you to put in your monthly income, monthly expenses, and how much money you want to save. Once you’ve done that, the app gives you a daily allowance to spend keeping you within your budget and your money saved. At the end of the month, you review how much you spent and how much you saved based on the percentage you chose.
  2. Digit: I recently fell in love with Digit. You connect this free app to your checking account (app guarantees security). The app uses an algorithm based on how much you spend, how much you earn, etc. and takes out small amounts every couple of days. Digit saves your money until you’re ready to transfer it back in. The best part about the app is that the amounts are usually so small, you don’t even notice they’re gone. It saves me around $30 each month! Click here to download Digit.
  3. Acorns: Acorns is essentially the same as Digit; except it invests your money in different stocks! It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the stock market. Acorns asks a few questions and places you in the portfolio that matches your interests best. There’s also a $5 friend referral bonus! Download Acorns here.

Comment below to share your favorite money-saving apps!





Easiest Way to Save Money (2 Steps)

Whether you’re looking to save money to pay down a credit card, save for a house, go on vacation, or pay a bill, saving money is not easy!

I can tell you that when it comes to saving money, I struggle. A LOT. I feel like it’s hard enough for me to pay all my bills each month; let alone set up a savings goal. Let me tell you what is easier. Getting a credit card. This is the easy decision; but not the smart one.

Here’s the smartest, fastest, easiest way to save money: Set up a savings account and start small.

There’s no easy way, no quick fix. This is where it starts.

  1. Savings Account: Have a savings account setup at a bank separate from where you usually bank and don’t get a debit account. Put money in, don’t take money out.
  2. Start small: Even if it’s just $1 each day/$30 each month that you are saving, you’re still saving money. Decide how much you’re comfortable with, how much your budget allows, and start saving it.

There’s a free app called Daily Budget that I use to help me budget my money, decide how much I can save each month, and it even tells me how much I am allowed to spend each day and stay within my budget.

Keep checking back for the best tips and tricks to help you save money.

Happy Saving 🙂


25 Beauty Steals We Are Loving #beauty #dupes #savemoney

25 Beauty Steals We Are Loving

I just love a good beauty steal. Sometimes I go into the mall and feel like I spend wayyy too much at the MAC counter and then I wonder “could I have found this cheaper?”. The answer is almost always YES.

CLICK HERE to read 25 Beauty Steals We Are Loving!

Buying these items will help you look at feel amazing. AND they will save you money!



It’s Here! HGTV’s Blog Cabin! #winning #contests #hgtv

It’s Here! HGTV’s Blog Cabin!

I know I’ll be compulsively entering twice daily for a chance to win HGTV’s Blog Cabin!

“Enter twice online per day — once on and once on — for your chance to win the new modern DIY Network Blog Cabin 2015, a renovated mountain retreat located in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, plus a $50,000 cash prize provided by national mortgage lender Quicken Loans. The grand-prize package is valued at over $900,000”

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You’re welcome.