Easiest Way to Save Money (2 Steps)

Whether you’re looking to save money to pay down a credit card, save for a house, go on vacation, or pay a bill, saving money is not easy!

I can tell you that when it comes to saving money, I struggle. A LOT. I feel like it’s hard enough for me to pay all my bills each month; let alone set up a savings goal. Let me tell you what is easier. Getting a credit card. This is the easy decision; but not the smart one.

Here’s the smartest, fastest, easiest way to save money: Set up a savings account and start small.

There’s no easy way, no quick fix. This is where it starts.

  1. Savings Account: Have a savings account setup at a bank separate from where you usually bank and don’t get a debit account. Put money in, don’t take money out.
  2. Start small: Even if it’s just $1 each day/$30 each month that you are saving, you’re still saving money. Decide how much you’re comfortable with, how much your budget allows, and start saving it.

There’s a free app called Daily Budget that I use to help me budget my money, decide how much I can save each month, and it even tells me how much I am allowed to spend each day and stay within my budget.

Keep checking back for the best tips and tricks to help you save money.

Happy Saving 🙂


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