How to Live Off of $500 a Month Shopping at Costco #savemoney #shopping

Have $500 per month to spend on meals for a family of 4? No problem! created a meal plan Family of 4 Live Off of $500 a Month Shopping at Costco.

The results are amazing! If 4 can do this, I should easily be able to make it work for 2. I’ll give it a try and report back.

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There's little doubt that shopping at <a href="">Costco</a> saves money, and it’s convenient for stocking up in a single trip. But can budget-conscious consumers feed a family for an entire month without shopping anywhere else? drew up a Costco meal plan with four weeks’ worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for a family of four (including two young children). The total cost came to $478.12. That’s about 15 percent less than the &quot;thrifty&quot; grocery budget of $565.20 prescribed by the <a href="">U.S. Department of Agriculture</a> (for a two-parent household with two preschool-age children, based on food costs in May 2015). Because the ingredients are sold in <a href="">bulk</a>, the total was calculated based on unit prices for the food used during the month. Many items are frozen or non-perishable, so any excess provides a foundation for next month.”></p>
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