Sundance Mountain Resort Zip Tour Review #sundance #review

Whether it’s a restaurant, clothing item, or outdoor adventure, searching for online reviews is an important tool to help you save money. Please see my Reviews section for more information.

In my opinion, video reviews are the most money saving. The reason for this is that most good videos show you exactly what you are purchasing. That way, you can gauge for yourself whether you’d like to purchase it.

A good example of a video review is this GoPro Hero4 Outlaw Zip Line Sundance, Utah Ziptour. Just by watching this video, I can easily decide whether I want to purchase a Zip Tour and whether it’s something I would enjoy. This is a huge deal and a huge savings.

Likewise, if I read a clothing review that says “runs small” and they are out of my size, I know I can go up a size, or choose not to buy at all. More money saving my way!

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