Chickpea Recipes you WON’T believe! #cooking #healthy

Let’s be honest. When the word chickpea comes into my head, I immediately think: hummus. I love hummus. Who doesn’t love hummus?

I was surprised to learn all the other things I could do with chickpeas. Chickpeas can be eaten toasted, chickpeas can be added to risotto, chickpeas can turned into cookies and cookie dough… wait.Chickpea cookie dough? You heard right my friends.

The best part about using chickpeas in a desert is that it reduces/eliminates the need for oil, egg, and flour. AMAZING.  I personally made the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t even taste the chickpeas… guilt free cookies are JUST what I’ve been looking for.

Click here to view 32 different chickpea recipes (that aren’t hummus). You WON’T believe it.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chickpea Cookies


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